You will enter the Virtual Store Front and show presentations, listen to all conversations, use you microphone to speak plus text chat with the guests. You do need to have JAVA version 1.5 or newer installed on your computer. You will see a small message towards the top identifying what version of JAVA is installed. If it is not at the correct level, download and install the latest version from here.

The first time you use the technology you will see a dialog saying the "Digital Signature has been verified ...." and asked if you want to Run the application. The option to Always trust content from this publisher is pre-selected. You are advised to keep that selection as it will ensure you will not need to respond to this security dialog beyond this point. Click Run to continue. If you are using Screen Reader Technology this dialog is not accessible. To continue you need to press Tab and then press the Space Bar

When you enter the Virtual Store Front ensure your speaker/headphone and microphone are plugged into the correct jacks, and their levels are turned up. When you wish to speak press and hold the Ctrl key (called the Talk Key). Release the Ctrl key when you have finished speaking. Should you need to adjust the levels you can choose the Microphone Settings or Speaker Settings in the File Menu. There are other feature available to you. The Virtual Store Manager will explain these to you as needed.

After entering the Virtual Store Front your name will appear in the Moderators section. Guests will be shown in the Participants section.

As a Store Front Manager you will have options to manage guests plus utilities to effetely communicate with your potential customers.

Currently the Virtual Store Front is only set up to work with Windows. MAC and Linux computers will be added shortly.